A transformative holistic health experience for all women

Are you ready for an intimate and immersive 4-day retreat that will powerfully up-level your mental/emotional being and physical health?

Mindbody Medicine is a perception changing, trauma releasing, purpose defining, stress dissolving experience designed to release the control your past has on future health, happiness and successes.  Facilitated within a safe, intimate & supportive container created to fast track growth and healing from the inside out. 

The way we manage the different stressors within life not only determines our health, but quality of life too.  It determines whether we move through trauma and pain or become stuck. It decides whether our hormones are balanced or imbalanced, our nervous system overactive or calm, our body healthy or sick, our mood happy or sad.  

Date: Thursday August 22 to Sunday August 25 2024
Location: Sunshine Coast QLD


This retreat is for women who:

• Are ready to put their health and wellbeing first
• Are ready to release the underlying Trauma and blocked stress that's running their lives.
• Unashamedly want more from life, but need to release the past and/or find their unique path moving forward.
• Are sick of going from doctor to doctor, pill to pill, health complaint to health complaint and are ready to find the underlying cause of their dis-ease, connect the dots and holistically heal themselves from the inside out.
• Are ready to let go of past expectations from family, friends, society and most importantly themselves. (These expectations, comparisons and self-criticisms form a large part of the stress that cripples our health and shrinks our experience).
• Are ready to proudly share their authentic self to the world and/or find their unique path moving forward.
• Are sick of bandaid treatments, blocking pain, suppressing symptoms or using distraction techniques (eating, drinking, drugs, shopping, tv, social media etc) to feel ok.
• Are ready to re-find or redefine who they are and what they stand for
• Need to change old habits for good.
• Are looking to improve their communication and relationships with partners, friends, family or co-workers. • Are ready to let go of people pleasing, have tough conversations and calmly manage conflict without going silent or violent.
• Are open to a complete mental emotional reset and springboard to their next phase.

“Our greatest power comes from loving ourselves, not changing ourselves. From uncovering what lies within not searching for what is missing.” -Levi Walz-


You Will:

• Learn the tools to heal physical disease and dysfunction within your life naturally.
• Transform the effect stress has on your mental emotional and physical health
• Reset & calm an overactive nervous system
• Unlock the power of your breath to regulate your entire body and mind.
• Release emotional trauma
• Breakthough Limiting beliefs and blockages
• Re-pattern pain pathways
• Truly connect and nurture your inner self
• Balance Hormones and body chemistry from the inside out.
• Break the habits passed on from parents or developed in childhood
• Identify the mental/emotional connections that feed and create your physical symptoms
• Eliminate abundance blockages
• Understand the underlying programming that defines your perceptions, creates your blockages and holds you back from the life you desire most.
• Overcome the conscious and unconscious fear, worry, your experience to redefine a new daily existence.
• Become liberated from the thoughts, feelings and limiting conditions standing between us and the life we have the potential to live.

All while creating new friendships within a supportive network that will continue long after our initial time together.

“More than a health retreat. More than a self development course. More than can be read on a page. It must be experienced... ”

What’s Included Before Retreat:

• Activation and nutritional cleansing regime
• Strategy session for a personalised retreat experience ($700 value)
• Complete blood test review ($700 value)
• Private group forum.  It’s important that you feel calm, safe and connected at retreat. Our pre-retreat process optimises what we achieve together.

What's Included During Retreat:

• Trauma and Toxin Therapy.
• Immersive breath and sound experiences designed to gently shift blocked energy caused by past trauma and unlock the limitless healing potential within your body.
• Morning Muscle Meditation and Movement sessions
• A fire and Ice session that will challenge your comfort zones and safely train your nervous system to manage stress differently.
• Fire walking
• Trauma collapse & Emotional Pain Release therapy
• Stress Mastery Workshop
• Daily Meditation
• Art as Therapy
• Conscious communication and conflict resolution training
• Pain re-patterning and somatic muscle training Mindbody • Nutrition & Natural Therapy Intensive
• Release ceremony
• In house chef and all meals included
• Plunge pool and sauna

What's Included After Retreat:

• 4 Follow up Live chat facilitations
• 8 Week Post Retreat Online Course
• Lifetime EFC membership (you’re with us for life!): Worth $499
• Complimentary Health Analysis Session: Worth $700 *

Your Instructors:

Mindbody Medicine is a mutil-modality retreat facilitated by one of Australia’s most experienced wellness practitioners and his team of experts.  Otherwise known as the Mindbody Guy, Levi has spent 25 years transforming the health and lives of thousands of clients around the world.

Using the unique modality of Trauma and Toxin therapy Levi connects and align the dots, uncover the patterns and find the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction.  Levi believes that when the nervous system is safe and the bodily processes supported to function optimally there is no disease or affliction that can't be reversed (and he has the results and experience to prove it).

Levi works with clients to strip back the layers hiding the cause of disease and dis-ease while managing symptoms and side-effects along the way. Put simply, he’s like a CIA investigator for mental, emotional well-being, physical health and overall performance.

He is unapologetically and exclusively holistic in his approach to the worlds of health and performance. For Levi, they are one and the same, integrated fully and inseparable.

You are in trusted hands during your retreat with Levi and his team creating a safe, supportive healing bubble for your journey.

The Incredible Venue:

Mindbody Medicine is held at Tivoli retreat in cedar pocket on the sunshine coast.  A modern, boutique venue with gorgeous rolling hills and spacious rooms, Tivoli immediately evokes a sense of peace, stillness and calm.


Your Application & Investment:

Connect on a complimentary, quick call with Levi to answer your questions & ensure Mindbody Medicine is right for you.

Date: Thursday August 22 to Sunday August 25 2024
Location: Tivoli Retreat, Sunshine Coast QLD.
Inclusions: All accomodation, activities, and food plus follow up course and online portal included with your ticket. All you need to do is get yourself there (the rest is fully covered)