You are your habits... ___I...

Habit creation habit change

I know you don’t want to hear this… But hey, I can’t be whispering sweet nothings in your ear every day. 95% of every action you take is habit.


How you have acted in the past is a pretty reliable indicator on what you will do in the future...


If you stop exercising when you feel stressed If you online shop when you feel bad about yourself If you eat when you’re bored If you lash out and say things you don’t mean when you’re under pressure This is what you will do next time these events happen. UNLESS...


You identify the behaviour Reprogram your brain Create a new habit that takes the place of the old one


Habit change is tough, especially when most people are stuck in OUTCOME mode. That means if what they try doesn’t work immediately they pretty much give up or try something different or ‘faster’ to get the desired outcome. An outcome only focus is where we fall into FAD and FICTION trap…

Its how:

We make the choice to starve ourselves to lose weight

We fall for all the fad fat burner supplements that line the shelves of ‘health food’ stores

We cut corners on jobs to get it finished despite not being close to our best work

We put off doing anything because we’re scared we won’t get the ‘outcome’ we want

We tell little lies to get what we want (even though we hate ourselves for it)

We steal or gamble in the attempt to ’save money’ and get ahead. ____ Ok enough of the doom & gloom.


To be honest you CAN change and you probably HAVE changed many times in the past. Congrats on that by the way.


We’ve got a system that helps you up-level your habits more consistently. We call it HABIT HACKING.


By that we mean we you decide to change something you succeed more than you fail. It means that you don’t have to wait til ROCK BOTTOM before you take action and stop what has been holding you back.

It means you overcome more of the self-sabotage that keeps you from getting in your own way.  #mindset #mindbodyhq #themindbodyguy #happinesshabit #gratitudejournal #healthyhabits #habittracker