Emotional Fitness Club PRO
Emotional Fitness Club PRO
Emotional Fitness Club PRO
Emotional Fitness Club PRO
Emotional Fitness Club PRO
Emotional Fitness Club PRO
Emotional Fitness Club PRO

Emotional Fitness Club PRO

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Just imagine:

  • An Instagram feed of your proud, happy, positive and connected moments. No anxiety, envy or inadequacy, just key moments and memories training your brain to see more of the good every day.
  • Having the power to calm, heal and empower dis-ease anywhere at any time.
  • Effortlessly re-patterning unhealthy, unhelpful habits.
  • Having the knowledge & tools to heal your past and create a powerful new future.
  • Being supported by experts who’ve helped 1000’s just like you many times before.

Introducing, the Emotional Fitness Club (EFC). You don’t have to imagine anymore.



We’re the gym for your emotions & a club that combats Anxiety and Depression in minutes per day

We are a community that trains your brain to be more positive, proactive and productive, all while releasing the s#@$% that holds you down.

Join our passionate tribe of emotionally fit, resilient, and proactive life learners today!



There’s nothing like the Emotional Fitness Club anywhere else in the world.

Yes, there are journaling apps, meditation apps, mindfulness apps, sleep apps, stress apps, habit apps, healing apps, education apps, community apps, bucket list apps, accountability apps and self-love apps.

There has never been one app with it all like EFC.


Unlike other meditation, mindfulness and journaling apps, we focus on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) journaling. We train your brain to see the good in life while building connection to self.

Our unique system encourages you to focus on "glimmers" rather than triggers.

Glimmers are the positive moments happening every day that most people barely acknowledge. They are the little gratitudes, smiles, laughs, achievements, awarenesses and understandings. They are the empathy, the care, the resilience, the courage and support we rarely stop to notice. 

Training our brain to look for glimmers in life helps us to see the good in ourselves and others. It helps us feel less stressed, anxious, envious, agitated, angry, depressed or dysregulated.

Over the course of our lives, most people slowly become trained to focus more on triggers, pain and problems. Our often ‘mean and critical inner voice’ can become very loud, very persistence and very convincing.

The judgements and fears of this inner voice can cause us to focus on the negative, the risk, the hurt, the worry, and the ‘worst-case’ more than we should.

We actually don’t have to live like this and at the Emotional Fitness Club one of our biggest goals is to reprogram your brains default setting to notice the glimmers instead of the triggers. Instead of automatically worrying about what could go wrong, you’ll start to look for what could go right, and what is right already.

Imagine an Instagram-like feed showcasing your proud moments, your biggest connections, your tiny highlights, your big highlights, your care, your hope, your dreams, your softness, your light, your resilience, your bravery and moments of inner strength.

It sounds beautiful right? It is!

Every single day we release a new glimmer focused Eq journal prompt within our community.  Every day you have the ability to investigate, communicate and connect with yourself and others over these key insights.



Changing habits can be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be.

Based on the science behind ‘atomic habits’, ‘tiny habits’ and ’the power of habit’ our easy to use habit transformer is a game changer for anyone caught in the cycle of repeating old patterns.

Tracking habits on paper without reminders or automation as suggested in these 3 incredible book gets old very quick. Remembering all the key information in a 300 page book can be overwhelming.

But imagine having an inbuilt system in the same place where you build glimmers, grow your green zone, calm your mind, build your skills and connect with like minded people.

Imagine having all the key habit change tools combined into a clean, easy to follow system that makes transforming your habits simple.

If you’ve been trying to change your unhealthy habits, your unhelpful habits, your toxic habits or simply some ‘less than ideal’ habits without success then the habit transformer in EFC is for you.


Imagine a meditation system that has been customised to each user. A unique system, providing unique breath cues, for the unique needs of each unique client.

Do you find it strange that the major meditation apps provide that same tracks for all users? A 90 year old grandma with lung issues will be given the same 4 count breath cues as a 20 year old athlete. When you think about it like that it doesn’t make sense right? It’s not right… Some people should meditate using 30 second intervals for optimal results while 4 second intervals are optimal for others.

No wonder most people feel like meditation doesn’t work for them. They’ve been set up to fail!

Based on the latest cutting edge breath science our meditations ensure your breath rate is optimised to the level that works best for you.

Our mindfulness exercises continue the work of our EQ journalling and further build your emotional intelligence.

Our healing EFC patting tracks help regulate your emotions and reduce the intensity of your triggers and stress.

Our sleep stories, visualisations, power ups, morning routines and regular guided journeys round out the comprehensiveness of the EFC system.



Discover a world of growth with EFC courses and masterclasses. Explore comprehensive topics such as anxiety, depression, sleep, happiness, productivity, purpose and emotional regulation through our expertly crafted courses.

Test and track progress with personalised assessments, ensuring you stay on track and achieve your goals.

Our unique and reversible bucket list feature allows you to set and celebrate your milestones.

At EFC, you have all the tools, resources, and community support to not just survive but truly thrive.



Need more assistance to improve your emotional fitness. Our EFC coaches or Trauma and Toxin therapists have the skills to clear blocked stress and heal the dis-ease and diseases holding you back.



Invest just 10 minutes a day for 10 days in a row and we’re confident you’ll feel a noticeable positive change within yourself.   

Download the Emotional Fitness Club app and start your journey to emotional well-being now!

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