Self Love, self-acceptance, self-acknowledgement...


I know it's valentines weekend, but this post isn't about romance, its about success.

Self Acceptance is our secret weapon for successful HABIT CHANGE. Want to change your body, your relationship, your anything?

Yes, you can change from a state of loathing, hate, deprivation. In fact, pain/hate/loathing etc is the PERFECT feeling to get us started on the path to improvement.

The issue is, that it's the WORST feeling to help us change for good. Until we build some self-love, pride or acceptance in the area we are trying to improve, the change will be short-lived or require immense discipline to maintain (usually created by immense dissatisfaction/hate).

The thing about habits that everyone forgets is that it's not just 21 / 90 days or whatever. It's not even just repetition. For a habit to truly be locked in, your subconscious must: • Be on board that the new behaviour/action is improving your chances of survival and be of benefit to your future.


I'm sure this sounds totally wrong to most of you that are reading this.

Why this gets tricky is that it's counter-intuitive.

It makes more sense that we will change faster if we hate and do not accept our behaviour. IE If I want to lose weight, surely I can't accept myself for overeating... I simply cannot accept there is a benefit to me in doing this. I must beat up on myself and tell myself I will never do this again. I must become stricter, and harsher and meaner until I 'finally get it through my thick skull' right...?


When we first tell people the first step in CHANGING a behaviour for good is to FULLY ACCEPT IT. The normal reaction is of disgust. They don't accept it (or themselves), so they immediately become scared and repulsed by the idea.

If they become 'ok' with it and see the benefit it is providing them they feel like they will never change. It makes sense, but that stats show over and over that until you can see and accept yourself, you won't move forward. 

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