Mindbody Breath connection is "therapy without the thought process", and a deep inner body experience that will reconnect and rebalance your mental, physical and emotional states.

A 90 Minute breath and sound experience designed to gently shift blocked energy caused by past trauma and unlock the limitless healing potential within your body.

Every session offers a new experience, an opportunity for inner growth, recalibration and connection to what matters most in our life. It’s a rare chance to get out of our head, to let go of the analytic pressure we force upon ourselves from the influence of external values. It’s a opening to be at one with ourselves with no judgement, masks, walls or bullshit to hide behind. It’s a mirror of truth, a space for learning and loving ourselves at a deeper level.

Breath is the foundation of life.

The creator of energy and connector to calm.

It is the pathway to our deepest, most protected inner thought processes and a gentle, safe guide to new understanding. When used correctly our breath can release stuck energy and recalibrate mental emotional health.

So, join us for a relaxing, gentle, safe connected breathwork session you’ll want to repeat over and over again.

* This session is available to ages (over 16), all experience levels and virtually all health status’. Heart and lung conditions please contact us prior to booking. Not recommended during pregnancy.

Your Instructor:

Otherwise known as the Mindbody Guy, for over 20 years Levi has been combining naturopathy, nutrition, NLP, and a variety of other behaviour therapies to transform health, breakthrough blockages, modify habits and improve his client’s quality of life.

He connects and align the dots, uncover the patterns and find the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction.

Levi works with clients to strip back the layers hiding the truth while managing symptoms and side-effects along the way. Put simply, he’s like a CIA investigator for mental, emotional well-being, physical health and overall performance.

Levi balances his passion for science and statistics with an experience and understanding of energy, connection, the power of the human body and mind.

He is unapologetically and exclusively holistic in his approach to the worlds of health and performance. For Levi, they are one and the same, integrated fully and inseparable.

You are in trusted hands during your Mindbody Breath Connection session, guided by an experienced facilitator committed to creating a safe, supportive healing bubble for your journey.

What to bring:

• A mat to lie on (the more padded the better)
• A blanket
• Eye Mask (optional)
• Water


• 3b/120 kortum Dr, Burleigh Heads

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