Are you a Gold Coaster suffering chronic pain?  Trying different therapies, drugs, medications and other to manage your body?

Are you feeling the body tighten and become more restricted as you age?

Are you seemingly more susceptible to pain, tension and finding you need to avoid activities or movements that you used to be able to perform easily?

Are you simply looking for better performance and can’t seem to get rid of pain that’s holding you back.

Introducing Muscle Meditation A new weekly class that connects the mind and body to restructure and pattern, pain and restore performance.

• It’s more than Yoga or stretch session although we most definitely focus on releasing tight imbalanced muscle groups.

• It’s more than a mobility class although we most definitely activate weak, under-active or over protected muscle groups that need strengthening.

• It’s more than a breath-work class although we use the breath to train our body to react differently.

• It’s more than a neuroscience session although we 100% focus on somatic therapies to re-pattern our perceptions of pain.

Muscle Meditation is the new way to treat chronic pain, stiffness, limitations and age related restriction.

It’s all done in a supportive, open community setting that provides a safe place for you to heal. Best of all, it’s sole goal is to move you out of pain for good. While you can continually use Muscle meditation as a maintenance protocol long term If you wish, that’s not the main goal. We want to eliminate your pain and return full function and fun to your life, period.

We want to empower you with the knowledge to implement these techniques at home so you don’t need us. Eventually there will be no more weekly chiro or physio visits, no more gut killing medication required to feel normal and more and more freedom returned to your movement the longer you practice.

If you can imagine moving your body pain and tension free and that excites you, then muscle meditation could be exactly what you need.

This class is recommended for:

• Anybody suffering back pain, neck pain, knee pain, all pain.
• Anybody feeling stiff, tight, sore, restricted or tense.
• Anybody noticing the effects of ageing limiting their function and performance.
• Anybody sick of taking medication or spending $1000’s of dollars on their body just to get by.
• Anybody looking for something new and fun to optimise their health.

Your Instructor:

Otherwise known as the Mindbody Guy, for over 20 years Levi has been combining naturopathy, nutrition, NLP, and a variety of other behaviour therapies to transform health, breakthrough blockages, modify habits and improve his client’s quality of life.

He connects and align the dots, uncover the patterns and find the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction.

Levi works with clients to strip back the layers hiding the truth while managing symptoms and side-effects along the way. Put simply, he’s like a CIA investigator for mental, emotional well-being, physical health and overall performance.

Levi balances his passion for science and statistics with an experience and understanding of energy, connection, the power of the human body and mind.

He is unapologetically and exclusively holistic in his approach to the worlds of health and performance. For Levi, they are one and the same, integrated fully and inseparable.

You are in trusted hands during your Muscle Meditation session. Levi has over 2 decades of physical therapy experience, training and rehabbing clients suffering foot, knee, hip, back, rib, shoulder, elbow and neck injuries to name a few.

He’s also had plenty of injuries himself and been using these techniques with great success on his own sports injuries and ageing body too.

What to bring:

• A mat and towel
• An open mind and understanding that you will be given homework.
• Water


• 3b/120 kortum Dr, Burleigh Heads

Session Times:
• Sessions are every Thursday morning at 6am.
• Class passes must be purchased prior (single class or 10 packs available)