Meditation and Sleep Mask
Meditation and Sleep Mask
Meditation and Sleep Mask
Meditation and Sleep Mask
Meditation and Sleep Mask
Meditation and Sleep Mask
Meditation and Sleep Mask
Meditation and Sleep Mask

Meditation and Sleep Mask

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Sleep Like a Baby, Meditate Like a Monk!

Introducing the World's Most Comfortable Meditation and Sleep Mask.

Created to facilitate a deep, calm and focused meditation experience while delivering the best sleep of your life, the recently labelled 'Must Have Meditation Accessory for 2022’ is ready to transform the way you meditate forever.

This is more than a mask, it's a mindset. A mindset that helps you live a happier, healthier and more energetic life. How? Through the power of optimal recovery, mindful living and stress mastery.

Better Sleep = Better You

The power of a good night sleep that's 'every night', not once in a blue moon cannot be underestimated. Deep sleep equals better moods, focus and energy for all. It reduces sugar cravings, caffeine consumption, headaches, body aches and even bad hair days (ok that might be pushing it).

Better Meditations = Better You

When we're more mindful, calm and balanced during the day, the days get easier. That means you can choose whether you to take on and handle far more or reap the rewards of your mental bliss.

When you enjoy meditation. When it's a positive, powerful experience that sets your day up right or winds your night down better, life gets easier and things flow.

Like we said, this isn't just a mask, it's a mindset. 

Incredibly cool by itself, but when combined with the Mindbodyhq Mental fitness system it's a life-changer.

Perfect for:

  • Optimising Meditation Practice
  • Mental Clarity & Focus
  • Relaxation
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Light Sleep
  • Insomnia 

And Yes, it’s the Most Comfortable Sleep Mask You’ve Ever Worn:

  • 100% Complete Blackout
  • Deep eyecups provide Zero Eye or eyelash pressure
  • Adjustable Eye Cups: Fits every face shape and eye width
  • Reinforced stitching and velcro for maximum durability
  • Multi-Use: Perfect for Meditation, Powernaps or Sleep
  • Pillow soft for optimal sleep and comfort. So comfortable in fact, it's like you’re not wearing anything at all

Be first to order the 'Must Have Meditation Accessory for 2022’ today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Laura Groves
Sleep mask

In love, obsessed, taking sleep masks to the next level! Have slept so well since using this product! Stays on all night unlike a standard sleep mask. Highly recommend.

Carlie Waterson

My mind is so much calmer and less distracted since using the meditation mask.

Whitney Forrest
You need this mask

If you struggle to sleep do yourself a favour and try it. As a busy mum my sleeps been really up and down for the last few years and it’s gotten to the point im in tears some nights. Almost immediately I started sleeping better and for 50 bucks when I've tried and spent so much else looking for a solution, I almost can’t believe it.

Tania Smith
Soft Deep Cups

I can’t recommend this mask enough. Sold after my first sleep. x

Bradley Marsh
Helps Me

Can’t believe how much this mask is helping my meditation practice. I know what everyone is going on about.