3 QUICK HACKS: Feb 12, 2020

1 business, relationship and life hack for you to try every newsletter.


Biz Hack: Synchronise Your Life...

This is hack level basic... But an absolute essential tip for anybody who has different information on their home and office computers, phone, tablet and/or watch. Synch it all.  These days no matter where you are, you should have access to whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Whether its dropbox, iCloud, google drive or something else, if you are still saving files to your desktop or local documents file you need an upgrade pronto.

This doesn't just go for your files, emails, messages or pictures (although it's a great start). But we're talking passwords, bookmarks, browser history, notes, playlists and pretty much anything you can think of.

Best of all, you will never lose another file again and old school hard drive backups will become a thing of the past. In 2010 my hard drive shat itself and I lost every file that had not been emailed to somebody. From that moment on I went cloud-based and everything is synched at all times.

When you're synched everywhere you can be productive anywhere. Stuck waiting for a meeting with just your phone, don't waste your life scrolling, tick off a key task that needs to be done. 


Life Hack:  Eat The Frog...

When you wake your will power is at a peak. Don't waste or wear it down by actioning mundane, easy to complete tasks. Leave these low hanging fruit for the afternoon shift when you're less likely to be at your best.

Every morning before starting the day you need to be acutely aware of your FROG.

What is the biggest, baddest and most crucial task you need to complete or move forward on today to make your life better?

Do it first! Eat the Frog...


Relationship Hack: Look For The Good

Create a list of actions, traits, and examples of the things you love most about your partner. The things that make you feel warm, fuzzy, inspired, engaged, happy and just better about life.

Keep this list close and read whenever you feel frustrated or annoyed at something trivial they may have done (or not done) that has upset you.

Life is way too short to spend minutes, hours, days and sometimes even weeks stuck in a mindset that is looking for faults. 

Look for the good and hack your state faster than ever. When your relationship's feeling good, doesn't everything seem just a little bit better?