Guided Meditations in MindbodyHQ

Our customised meditations focus on calming the mind and centering thoughts through slowing your breath and heart rate.

As each track gently slows your breath, your mind will calm and your meditation practice will become easier. By influencing your physiology first we are able calm your psychology and help you master meditation faster. ___

At MindbodyHQ we specialise in 3 styles of meditation

1. Breath Control

2. Power Naps

3. Morning Routines


Breath Control is all about mastering your ability to calm the mind and control your state at any moment of any day, regardless of the situation. When you can control and calm your breath you can control and calm the mind. We believe this is one of the most powerful tools you will ever learn and is sadly not developed by following most popular guided meditations. ___


Power Naps Are all about optimising your energy on days when you are crashing and need a boost. The current solution to most peoples energy crisis is coffee and stimulants. This is a short term, bandaid fix and only leads to further exhaustion and the need for more stimulants or sugar to get through the day. A 20-minute power nap takes about the same time as a coffee break, but revitalises your mind, regenerates your natural energy sources and reduces stress hormones instead of increasing them. 20 minutes is the perfect duration for a powernap and this is why our MindbodyHQ power naps are always 20 minutes. ___


The Morning Routine is exactly that. The perfect start to your morning and a key staple of MindbodyHQ. This is more than breathwork and meditation.

The mIndbodyHQ morning routine has 4 key sections that set up your day for success. The daily routine consists of a

* 5 minute meditation

* 2 minute gratitude practice

* 2 minute visualisation

* 1 minute critical focus


Your Meditation Level Each Mindbody meditation has 6 levels.

Each level correlates to the breath cycle that suits you best

* Level 1 starts at 10 breaths per minute and ends at 8.

Level 6 starts at 3 and ends at 2.4 #mindbodyhq #themindbodyguy #meditation #guidedmeditation #meditationapp